Disability Support Services at Bunker Hill Community College

Bunkerhill Community College offers Disability Support Services to students with documented
disabilities. They provide accommodations that comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act,
Section 504 of Rehabilitation Act, and other applicable laws. Students must declare their
disability and demand appropriate accommodations. Disability Support Services coordinate
services such note-taking and interpreter services. Students must also comply with
documentation guidelines in order to request accommodations. For more information, students
with disabilities should contact the Disability Support Services department at the college.

Students must have current documentation of their disability in order to self-identify as persons
with disabilities. Students must provide documentation to support their request for reasonable
accommodations. Students must register at least one month before classes start and submit a
payment bill for DSS. Students must also complete the DSS Application Process and follow the
Admissions & Register Enrollment Steps. Students must submit their DSS application once they
have completed all steps.

In addition to academic services, disability support services offers academic and housing
accommodations. There are many options available for students with disabilities, regardless of
whether they need a wheelchair or a walking wheelchair. The Disability Support Services Office
works closely with administrators and faculty to create an inclusive environment. They also
encourage a positive community atmosphere for all students. It’s important that you remember
that a campus accessible to all students can promote academic success.

Accommodations that can make a difference in the quality of your education will depend on your
unique situation. These accommodations must meet a minimum standard, without modifying
program requirements or putting an undue load on the faculty. For example, a faculty member
cannot lower grading requirements because it would affect course requirements and make it
difficult for students to learn as much as their peers. An inclusive college experience is
incomplete without a welcoming environment for people with disabilities.

The OPWDD coordinates services from over 500 non-profit agencies in New York. This state-run
office not only provides direct services but also coordinates services to individuals with
disabilities. Around 80 percent of the services are provided by nonprofit organizations. There are
13 offices throughout the state, with positions available in every county. Visit opwdd.org for
more information. You must be a licensed Social Worker. You can read more about this position
in this article.

Located in Craven Hall in suite 4200, the Office of Disability Support Services provides academic
accommodations to students with disabilities. These services can enable students with
disabilities to participate in college activities or classes in a fully-fledged manner. Individuals who
are eligible for academic accommodations don’t have to disclose their disability. However, if they
are, they are required to receive the services. Disability support services not only provide
accommodations but also offer technical assistance and consultation.

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