Pros and Cons of Infant Circumcision

While many people support infant circumcision, some don’t. It is acceptable ethically in certain
situations, but not in all. The parental prerogative governs the decision to circumcise children.
This article explores the issues surrounding this procedure. It is not right in all cases. Here are
some reasons why. Consider the risk it presents to your child. This article will discuss the pros &
cons of infant circumcision.

The medical risks of circumcision are not the only ones. It can also cause pain for newborns.
Pain during the procedure can interfere with breastfeeding, but modern routine circumcisions
haven’t been linked to problems with breastfeeding. In a large retrospective study in California,
babies who were circumcised experienced no more exclusive breastfeeding than those who
were not. A similar study was done in melbourne circumcision and found that infants who were circumcised
and those who were not were breastfeeding at the same rate. Future studies will need to
compare the breastfeeding rates of these two groups.

A systematic review of newborn circumcision complications conducted by Weiss et al. Weiss et
al. found that babies with psychiatric disorders in their parents were less likely to experience
complications. These conditions included respiratory and fluid disorders. Also, infants with
certain health problems are more likely to experience complications during circumcision. Despite
these risks however, infant circumcision has a good cosmetic outcome and is generally safe. It
reduces the chance of urinary tract infections, and lowers the risk from inflammatory foreskin
conditions. Female partners also have a lower chance of developing cervical cancer by having
the procedure performed.

The Ministry of Health introduced a new device for infant circumcision in January. In addition to
the new devices, CDC experts trained doctors and midwives on the procedure. The new device
reduces pain and swelling in the penis. It’s also less invasive than the old method. Additionally,
the new procedure doesn’t require anesthesia or suture. Although some women may still prefer
MC to other methods of circumcision, the benefits are far greater than the risks.

American Academy of Family Physicians policy about circumcision recognizes that parents’
beliefs, values, and cultural practices can affect the decision to circumcise a newborn. The
Centers for Disease Control recommends that male patients considering circumcision are
consulted. Counseling can address issues of morality, ethics, and religion. If parents feel strongly
about it they can seek counselling. That way, they can make an informed decision.
Although controversial, the practice has been practiced by Jewish parents for over 3,000 years.
The process is called a brit milah and the flesh of the foreskin is said to represent the covenant
between God and humanity. Genesis 17:10-14 states that God instructed Abraham to
circumcise himself and commanded his children to do the same. If done correctly the practice
will perpetuate the covenant between man and his Creator.
Although research on circumcision’s benefits is limited, it has shown positive results. Studies
have shown that circumcision is associated with lower rates of urinary tract infections in
circumcised and intact children. However, this effect is not universal. Many factors could play a
role. For example, infants who have undergone an abortion have a higher risk of developing
urinary tract infections. This treatment is also associated lower risk of developing cancer in

Despite the many arguments that favor circumcision, it is still controversial. Many Jewish
American doctors support the procedure. Many of them believe it promotes reproductive health
and social well-being for the child. But this reasoning is flawed. This promotes infant
circumcision as well as cultural and social benefits for the whole community. This debate,
however, may have to wait for another day.

Although circumcision may be safer for males than having sex in an intact man’s body, HIV
infection rates are not significantly lower if the child is born circumcised. Researchers looked into
the health benefits of circumcision for both men and females in both genders but did not find any
evidence. However, a recent meta-analysis performed by Lei et al. has shown that it does not
reduce the risk of HIV. However, this study is not definitive.

The reasons parents give for circumcision vary. It is more popular for those who believe it is
beneficial than those who do not. Other reasons include religious conviction, personal
preference, and health. The survey results show that circumcision is becoming more socially
acceptable over time. Some parents opt for circumcision because it is a common practice. But
how can we know? Before making a final decision, it is important to consider all of the factors
and weigh the evidence.

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